Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fit Journal 1


Hey guys! This is my first fitness journal. My name is Kitz or Clair De Lune as others would prefer, I'm 26 years old and I live in the struggling but beautiful country, Philippines!

All of us have different paths and goals in life. My goal is happiness and an active lifestyle! I've always wanted to be powerful - healthy, happy, free; able to open a bottle without struggling and carrying a lot of things like shopping bags and groceries whew! All of us have had issues like that, like most women will never consider lifting things. Perhaps they'll say "Please get me those boxes because I can't lift them" or opening a bottle of beverage coz it's too tight; how about changing the empty gallon that needs to be done on the water dispenser, that's really heavy! but what if we change our strength and defeat our weaknesses!? our diet, our way of living projecting a strong and smart woman! yeah... tattooed or not, a mother, sister, well everybody actually, even men (a strong and gorgeous man! haha).

In my fit journal, I will only share my experiences, moments and routines on how to be happy :) (sometimes moody haha) however I am imperfect and you as well so we have different bodies and dissimilar metabolism.

Before you try some of my workouts or start your own fit journey, consult your physician first. Ask if you can do these exercises as well as changing your diet. Being cautious is better than desperation and frustration. Give your doctor the time to examine your body, and know what's wrong, what needs to be done and what you shouldn't be doing. If the doctor's remark tells you to not lift heavy things, jump around, straining yourself and all that jazz, I would recommend a professional therapist or coach. For me, I believe that everyone can lift, jump, run, whatever! as long as they can do it applying the right posture/movement because posture/movement is important thus efforts will not be put to waste and will avoid injuries (although in the process, I take injuries as part of learning). Let's face it, I am no pro nor a certified athlete but I have had quite an experience in the fitness world. Later you will know as it continues.

Know your BMI with a Body Mass Index machine. It's either buying the handheld machine; inquiring at the gym if they can examine your BMI (hope it's free though lol) or maybe your doctor has one. BMI measures your percentage of fat; weight, height and even your age (your body age that is). I'm 26 years old but my body age is 23 years old, I'm 5'1'' and classified an athlete's body. I forgot the rest of the measurement haha! hence it gives you an idea enlisting your goals. By the way, one goal at a time.

Next, know your body type.

Research/google your body type. I am meso-endo who gains fat fast, but can also gain lean muscle easily with proper diet and exercise. My body is athletic and I have a short torso, my back is more leaner and it takes more time to eliminate the muffin top. I have thunder legs, I guess haha! It's important to understand our body so this way we will know gaining and losing fat or muscle; a preferred diet and that sort of stuff. Weighing is also helpful, at least you'll know what you need in order to gain or bulk up. Even so in my opinion weight is only a number; fat and muscle makes you heavy and both are significant. Get focus on that number one enemy of ours - visceral fat (which is deadly) and cellulite; or rather focus in sculpting a leaner athletic body.

This is me way back July 2012. I was diagnosed with Pylonephritis (inflammation of the kidney) with kidney stones. It took me 2 months to melt the stones and I was recovering fast.

After 3 months, this was the result of my hardwork which only took me 15 minutes of intense and short exercises, lifting and running; all thanks to a healthy diet too. Yes, you have to eliminate fast food, sweets, refined products, soft drinks/soda, juice drinks, deep fried, white rice and pork in your diet if you want the 3-month fast result.

August 2013. There's no denying that losing fat and going lean will look gorgeous on our human bodies. All of us, women especially, should erase that idea of "ay! lalaki ang mga muscles ko, eww!", "ay! ayokong mag jogging kase nakakalaki ng calves", "ayokong mag lift, hindi feminine tingnan", "gusto kong magka abs, ab workout every day woohoo!", "ay! mawala boobs ko" and yada yada. By the way, boobs are boobs, if all that fat on your chest have gone, then small boobs are small; reality just like mine. You want a bikini bod then be active not just in one particular area, not just the abs, butt, arms, but your whole body; which I conclude that a full body training is indeed the best fat loss secret. It's no secret now, thanks intornet! lol

I also tried targeting one body part a day. That was my bulking stage. I ate a lot of carbs, protein and everything that will make me bulk e.g. white rice, pork, beef, potato, etc. along with slow heavy lifting for chest day, bicep tricep day, leg day, back day and vice versa. The result was awesome! I gained and bulked up; only tried it for experiment and yes! it worked except that I didn't like staying that way. So I went to cutting phase which means fat will transform to lean going back on a bland diet, like what most bodybuilders do.

In my fit journey I also make mistakes, requiring me to do more research; consult the doctor and take precaution. I also have mood swings sometimes that it affects my training (ahhh women! lol). Cravings, it is already given that we all crave, even men thus we need to keep ourselves sane. It's alright to eat fast food or whatever food we've been dreaming of but take note that we have different bodies and goals, so it's really up to us on how we can balance healthy and an indulging diet. For now, focus on training hard! Next time na lang ang cheat meal (which everyone calls it). Cheat meal is only festive if hard work paid off, making cheat meal a wonderful way of celebrating results; however too much of everything is also bad, even the healthy stuff. Get balanced, know when to say "Stop, I'm good.". Don't ever over indulge because you think you're still hungry but you're just bored. A tip: drink plenty of clean water, take selfies (doesn't need to be posted on social media) or if you're confident to face other's opinion then go for it! Take selfies so you'll also have something to share on your journey. Opinions on you will either be motivating and make you strong nevertheless don't let it break you. Their judgement is your competition and often times humorous so laugh it off! :D

Here are my new progress pictures (right after doing my first video blog haha) 2015:

I am more into body weight training and street workout thus I'm not signed up nor spend time at the gym. Usually I workout at home and anywhere lol. I also do heavy lifting and free running. I also struggle because I don't have enough money to buy gears, pay the gym, hire a coach and buy online guides, but instead of whining I lift myself up literally (pull-up anywhere lol), doing my own research and studies.

Fit Journal Video 1

Here's my video on how to start your day right! even on a sunday, monday, tuesday, whatever day it is today, start now! Morning, afternoon or midnight, this 7-minute workout is very easy and short but really intense! All you need is a timer and wear a sports bra, exercise mat is solely advised, however please don't make excuses, just because you don't have this or that, just do it now :)

Don't forget to do your warm-up before actually starting this routine.

Try and do this 3 times a week.
Each week I'll make a new video.
Hashtag your results #kitzfitjournal

The ff. video contains:

Brief intro

Start of workout:

High Knee Jogs - 20 seconds

10 seconds rest

Jump Squats - 20 seconds

10 seconds rest

Mountain Climbers - 20 seconds

10 seconds rest

Burpees - 20 seconds

1 minute rest

Repeat 2 more rounds

7-minute Workout Sesh

You can actually do this for 4 rounds or more, as long as you can still do it without puking/fainting. Go slowly as it takes time to practice proper form, proper form is very important so you can get the good results and avoid injury. Like dancing, you have time to practice so you can perform well.

Enjoy! oh by the way, I'll make better quality videos next time and try to talk while doing my thang lol. Bear with me, our space is so tiny and crazy lol. Also, sorry for typos and bad grammar, I am not that good :)